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"The teachers love the kids and the parents are always welcomed to participate and share family interests. I saw how special this school was when I first met Miss Joan and I feel lucky that my kids have an amazing environment to learn, play and grow."

Candy F.

(San Jose, CA)

"The kindergarten program is very academic but doesn't push the children; they are asking for more and love to learn.  My daughter, who is now in second grade is reading at a 4th grade level and I think it's due to the early teaching at TLC."

Nes W.
(San Jose, CA)

"My daughter started at The Learning Company and Academy right when she turned 2yr 9mo. 3 months later she can count to 10 (in English and Spanish, almost 20 in English), knows the days of the week, knows the all her colors in Spanish, 5 different dinosaurs and specific traits they each have, and can spell her name (verbally). All before she turns three. Joan has done a wonderful job putting a program together that is fun and interactive."

Shayna Y.
(San Jose, CA)

"My family and I highly recommend TLC for anyone who is looking for the perfect fit for your child to embark upon their first journey into education. This is more than a preschool and kindergarten.  At times it often feels like family."

Christina M.
(San Jose, CA)

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"Miss Joan's style is unique as a teacher.  Unlike countless of other Kindergarten teachers
whom I've observed, she teaches with creativity and fun and yet accomplishes higher academic achievements than most schools.  Her style is incomparable as she interactively engages each student to the best of his/her ability.

Sandra H.

"In addition to the academic expertise and teaching style Miss Joan posesses, she enlivens
her classroom with drama and music with beautifully orchestrated productions several times during the school year.  My husband and I never knew that our son loved to participate in plays, drama, and music until this year.  Her creativity and dedication to the performing arts is such a pleasant bonus to his Kindergarten experience.

Sandra H.


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